Friday, April 15, 2011

I need your opinion!!!

Hey y'all!  Before I get to progress on the dress I've been sewing up and my question on it, I've got to toot my own horn for just a quick minute...I got an email from Jenny yesterday saying that my tutorial on the Anthro-inspired skirt had been featured by CraftGossip!!!  I mean, CraftGossip is huge and they featured my little skirt!!  I'm proud and a little astonished all at the same time.  So, if you've come over from there, Hi! and feel free to stick around awhile.  Now, for those of you that know me, I'm not at all a toot-my-own-horn kind of girl.  I don't even admit to having made things Emma and I are wearing unless people ask me where I got it most of the time, but this just really made my day.  I'll admit, I did a little happy dance alone in my bedroom!  Glad no one saw that!

  Okay, I'm done with the horn and ready to move on.  So, as I said in the last post, I'm working on a dress for me (and this will be the first one I've actually finished in about 6 years!!)  But I've come to a design issue I want your opinion on.  I've only got to add in the sleeves and hem it, but otherwise it's done.  Now as you can see in the pictures below, I'm a curvy girl, I'm not gonna lie.  I LOVE to eat and while I'm trying to eat healthily (is that a word?) and exercise daily, the pounds are taking their time coming off.  That said, I still went down a size on the pattern because apparently, I'm an eternal optimist.  And, are you ready for this...this size fits me everywhere EXCEPT the sleeve!  The darn sleeve is too small around!!!  I didn't think my arms were where I really needed to focus on, but I guess me and Simplicity have different ideas!  ;)  So, after basting in the pleats and fighting with a tiny piece of elastic to gather up the sleeve and ironing a tiny hemline (that was my clue to try it on), I realized that the sleeves are too small and I'll have to recut them and start over on them.  Thank goodness I tried them on before I attached them!

  So, I tried the dress on to see how everywhere else looked and I think maybe fixing the sleeves isn't worth it.  That's where y'all come in.  I took pictures without the sleeve and with it pinned on--pretend it actually looks right, it was a nightmare to pin a too-small silky sleeve with one hand!  So, lay it on me...Bind the armhole sans sleeves?  Add the sleeves in a bigger size?  Toss the dress altogether and go eat some cookies? What do you think?  I'm a big girl (haha, no pun intended) and I can take it.  And while I wait for answers, I'm going to go do said daily exercise.  And maybe do about 500 pushups???  (No way that's happening!)

Here it is without the sleeves.  I'd just bind them to the inside with matching bias tape.

And here it is with one pinned-in sleeve.  I'm just not sure...

THANKS, y'all!  And I know that Chris will say thank you too!  Otherwise, it's up to him to give his opinion and like any smart man, he has no interest in giving me an opinion on if something looks to small on me!


  1. I like the dress both ways, but with warmer weather without sleeves might be better option.. the dress looks good on you and could be dressed up with a little heel. or down with sandals.. very nice,Amy

  2. Looks good either way--dressier with the sleeve but very summery (is that a word? ha) without it. Dad liked it also. I guess it depends on how much work you want to put into it. :)

  3. I like them both. I couldn't tell from the picture and I know you already worked hard on them, but could you open the underarm seam on the sleeve and taper the seam allowance out from the armhole seam to give you a little extra room in the sleeve?

  4. I like it without the sleeves....looks more like you. :) Also, glad to see you making more adult clothes lately. Hint, hint. ;)

  5. I love it without sleeves. Easy fix! Lay it down with one side seam facing you. Draw a deeper curve. Unpick the side seams to about 2 inches or 3 inches below the curve so you have room to work. Trim on the line you drew. Add black bias tape or make your own and sew it around each armhole. Then right sides together (dress inside out) match up the side seams and sew them back up. It will hide the ends of the bias tape, too.

  6. I like it with the sleeves. I don't think they look to small, but if you feel uncomfortable with them, you should skip them or make them bigger. Otherwise I know from my own experiences I won't wear what feels uncomfortable. I think the sleeves are very slimming.

    Beautiful dress and the paisley fabric is wonderful.



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