Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank You! and some rambling...

   I want to start by thanking everyone who left an opinion on my last post!  It was helpful and encouraging to hear your suggestions and Chris was glad I left the vote up to y'all!  I agreed with most of you and decided to go sleeveless since Florida summer is already upon us (and because it meant no more cutting!)  I also decided to just pick up some pre-made bias tape at JoAnn yesterday when Emma and I went shopping.  So I've got the arms done now and decided to just use the rest of the tape to hem it.  The dress is a little short and I wanted to lose as little length as possible in the hem.  Plus, since I already had the tape, why not use it?
  I like this dress and it is simple to make.  I could see more of these hanging up in my closet.  But next time around, I'll do things a little differently.  Obviously, cut the sleeves a little bigger.  I definitely want a version with sleeves.  Maybe a seersucker or linen blend; something really light and summery.  I'll also bind the neckline like I ended up doing the arms and hem on this one.  Maybe I just can't read a pattern correctly or something, but I don't understand why the big-name pattern companies always make construction harder than it needs to be.  They had me cut out this wide length of bias, sew it down, then turn it under and edgestitch it and then with all that leftover bit, just handsew it in place.  Well, first off, hand sewing without showing was virtually impossible on the light, silky fabric I chose.  But, honestly, wouldn't it be simpler to just use the same bias tape size for the arms and do the same thing?
  Sorry, I don't have any pictures of this done yet, but I spent the weekend being Momma and wifey, so there wasn't much time to sew.  I did turn a tee-shirt into a cute strapless top that I'll show you tomorrow.  Emma and I spent the afternoon shopping yesterday, as I said.  She's been going through a rough patch with some physical issues including her eczema and finding out she needs glasses and I thought a day of girly time might be just the positive reinforcement she needed.  Being a Mom has surprised me in how soon we have to deal with issues such as peer pressure, self-image, attitude, etc.  I often call my Mom and apologize, because Em is like me in so many ways!  ;)
  I mentioned that we ran into JoAnn's yesterday.  I needed to get some more Kona White to sash up my Mod Mosaic quilt.  I totally forgot to look and see if my store had the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics, but I did look at the patterns.  I am in LOVE with the new Lisette patterns from Liesl at Oliver +S.  But can I just say that I am my wallet was not so in love.  They were like $17!!!  Seventeen dollars for a pattern?  It better come with fabric and a little robot who's going to do all of my pressing and cutting!  I see they're much cheaper from the website, so go there if you want them.
  I could continue to ramble on, but instead we're headed out to spend some time with my toes in the water watching my crazies swim.  I'll leave you with this...I sure do love this complicated and beautiful girl!

P.S.  Daddy says it might be time to get rid of the pink glove next year...she said "Why??"


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  1. I hope Emma adjusts to wearing glasses (did you get her pink ones?) and I hope her excema clears up! My little boy had it so bad his first year his little legs were fiery red behind his knees and calves. Amazingly once he got off formula it all went away. I guess he had an allergy to it?? Oh and I hadn't heard of the Lisette patterns - I want the Passport dress!


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