Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

  Aaah...a whole day to do what I choose.  Well, till about 4 anyway, when Chris and the kids get home.  So, what to do today?  Laying out and sashing up my Mod Mosaic blocks?  Sewing up that new dress for me?   Starting on my spiderweb blocks for the new swap.  Whipping up a few new shirt refashions?  Nope.  Not first anyway.

  First, I did some more spring cleaning.  Oren's room is completely clean and reorganized.  Emma's room is done as much as I can without being ruthless and just tossing stuff left and right.  How did she grow up into a kid with her own "stuff" before I was ready.  So, now she's got to get in there and sort through the rest of it, deciding what she really needs and what can go...  If she's already like this at 6, I better buckle up and hold on tight for the next 12 years!

  And then...then I saw that I was featured on Jenny's blog today!!!!!  It's my Anthro-inspired skirt with the grommets from last week.  She said she loved it and would like to feature it over there.  And I said SURE!!!  I am so glad people actually liked it enough to want to show it off.  I don't consider myself innovative or all that creative, really.  I'm good at finding what I like and following the directions to make it, but that's nowhere near the same as creating my own things.  So, thanks Tricia and Jenny for featuring me and my little skirt.

   As for my actual Works in Progress like the title suggests...I'm putting the Mod Mosaic quilt back into this category since my blocks came.  I'm adding in the dress for myself since that's in the process of being cut out, and I've got a few other projects I'd like to start in the next few days, but...they're not in progress yet!  ;)
I'm considering a 4-inch sashing between each block and then at least a 4-inch border.  What do you think??  And I realized that I used a LOT more scraps in smaller bits than others...  I could have made a lot more if I'd used bigger pieces!!  

  Absolutely nothing this past week...  :(   (Unless you count Spring Cleaning.  I don't!)
  Mod Mosaic Block needs sashing and borders
  Simplicity's New Look 6022 for me.

Quilts needing quilting:  (Absolutely no progress here at all...)
  My Postage Stamp Quilt-a-long quilt.  I think I've decided to forget the borders and just quilt this one to get it done.
  Jelly Pops quilt.  I made this top before I started the blog and just havent' got around to quilting it yet...

As before, I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  What have you been working on and what did you get done this week?


  1. Love the mosaic blocks! I have yet to make any but I've been wanting to for a while. Yours look like stained glass with how small the scraps are!

  2. Can't wait to see the New Look dress, that is a cute pattern! Your quilt blocks look great, and I think the 4" sashing is a great idea!

  3. Your mosais blocks look great! Are they pieced ot aplique?

  4. Thanks for the quilting suggestions! I am waiting on mod mosaic blocks right now from my online bee--have two back so far. :) Love the look of yours here!

  5. I've been spring cleaning and organizing too. Oh the joys of all but Legos being too "little kid" to play with. I will be brutal! lol

    I love the blocks and think a sashing would be perfect!


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