Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

  Well, I thought I'd spend the afternoon getting in a run, finishing up a few projects (or working on them anyway), and making "chocolate birds' nests" with Oren since he was determined to do so.  I'm not sure what he has in mind for them...I was going to melt some chocolate and stir in some coconut and then mound them on wax paper in nest shapes.  But, an awful storm came through leaving the backyard covered in tiny bits of hail and wind gusts up to 25 mph. 
  So, instead we all tucked ourselves in bed and took a little nap after school.  Actually, Emma read I'm sure and I think Oren played with toys in his room.  But Chris and I took a little nap anyway.  And it felt great.  I'm still a little sleepy because I NEVER nap during the day, but sometimes rainy days just call for it.

  So, my list won't be as high as I'd have liked, but here we go:

  A dress for me.  I blogged about it here.  Because I was home alone this morning, I didn't get any pictures of myself wearing many pictures of me in my bathroom mirror does this blog need?  I'll see if I can get Chris (or Oren!) to take some pics of me in it on Friday. Here's a picture of it all done though.

  Working on sashing for my Mod Mosaic quilt.  I'm going with 4-inch white sashing around each block.  I'm hoping to have this baby ready to quilt by next Wednesday's report.
  I've got a square piece of cork painted bright purple in hopes of turning it into a bow holder for Emma's room.  For a girl who loves to wear ponytails, she sure has a lot of bows and hair accessories.  This should be done by Friday and I'll post pictures of it when it is.

   Spiderweb blocks for my swap.  I'm sorting 1-inch and 1 1/2 inch strips for these blocks.  I don't think I have enough solids...Oh, darn, I'll have to buy some more!

Quilts needing quilting:  (Absolutely no progress here at all...)
  My Postage Stamp Quilt-a-long quilt.  I think I've decided to forget the borders and just quilt this one to get it done.
  Jelly Pops quilt.  I made this top before I started the blog and just havent' got around to quilting it yet...

As before, I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  What have you been working on and what did you get done this week?


  1. Your dress is beautiful, it turned out great!

  2. very nice dress, and I love the purple for backing.


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