Saturday, October 20, 2012

A gift for a dear friend

**Jennifer, who is awesome and if you don't already follow her you should, featured me yesterday for her Follower Friday!!  Go check it out if you want and show her some love.  And p.s.  I completely forgot to fill out the questionnaire until the day before it was due so I answered the questions in about 5 minutes.  Yep, I'm that good...someone wants to let me talk about me and I procrastinate.  WHAT??  ;) **


Awhile back I showed a preview of a baby quilt I was making for a good friend.  And the quilt has been delivered, so I'm finally back to show it off!!

My friend Toni who is really like my long-lost twin added to their family this August with a sweet baby girl and I wanted to show them some love.  I knew Toni had said she was thinking of an orange and pink color scheme for baby Jill's room, so I went with that.

As I was considering ideas, I remembered the string blocks I'd made awhile back that I hadn't used just yet for any particular project and I busted them out.  And the colors were perfect.  Orange, pink, white and yellow.  :)  I had enough to make the whole quilt out of the strings, but I thought it might be a little too busy for a baby quilt, so I decided to just use some of them and then frame them in Toni's beloved orange.

I told Toni that a lot of the fabrics in this quilt came from some of my early sewing projects once I picked up sewing again as a new Momma and some fabric I'd had for some time.  There are fabrics from my bridal shower, Emma's first dance bag, dresses I'd made for her and the orange comes from the crib skirt in Oren's room.  I thought it was fun to share these fabrics from my babies with her baby.

When it came time to quilt, I just went with a meandering loop FMQ which is good in some places and some places need a little work, but we're all friends, right?  So let's just keep a blind eye to those not-so-good places.

I did add a special addition of FMQ Jill's name on the bottom corner.  I'd never done that before and just went with it on a whim.

And then I bound it with some leftover binding strips I had from previous projects in the right colors. was a WIP that I removed from the list but turned into a greater project by putting it altogether with love.  I hope little Miss Jill gets lots of playtime and love out of it and that Toni feels the love put into it.

This picture made me laugh because Oren looks like he's standing in a jungle!  Actually he's just in my overgrown flower bed...the kids asked me to leave it like that so they could "tunnel" around in there.  And who am I to say no to less gardening chores??  ha

I always say it, but I am so appreciative to have found this online sewing community full of like-minded people.  We  encourage each other to grow and learn in our chosen hobby(ies), but we are also there for each other to encourage each other through life.  Thanks for being a part of my community.  :)


  1. Kelli, it's so wonderful! How sweet of you. I love the oranges and pinks together. Just lovely. And yes, we're all friends and we all have imperfections in our quilting, no worries!

  2. I'll go have a look at the Follower Friday post...
    The quilt is so pretty, the orange really makes those other colours stand out! Your jungle garden reminds me of ours....the grape vine has taken over! =D

  3. What a great quilt! Orange is my favorite.

  4. Everything about this quilt is perfect!! Love the colors, love the string blocks, love the scrappy binding! Super-love that orange border! You rocked it, sister!

  5. Looove the quilt you made for Jillian! So sweet you were able to pull some wips to make something so sweet and special!

  6. Those string blocks are gorgeous!

  7. That is gorgeous Kelli!! I love all those colours and how brilliant to use those string blocks in such a cool way! It'll be treasured :)

  8. Aww, I'm getting all misty over here reading this! Thank you so, so much! I really do love this quilt! It is so special to me, just like you! I'm always amazed at how giving and supportive this community really is. And want to hear something funny? I was just sitting down to look at the pictures I had taken of this quilt to see if I got any good ones I could put in my thank-you post when I read this. I love the picture of Oren's head peeking over the top in the jungle. That would be what my flower beds looked like if we had gotten any rain this summer. Instead they're just crispy.

  9. I really like your story about the quilt and the quilt itself is so pretty! I can totally understand why Toni posted about it wish such fondness over on her blog! Such a nice expression of your friendship!

  10. Kelli, that is so sweet of you--I love the colors and how the fabrics were all from different occasions! So special that way!


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