Monday, October 8, 2012

Yoga Pants Completed!

I finished the yoga pants!  I have to give a major shout out to my friend Jenny of Seamingly Smitten.  She does such a great job of taking popular, fashionable pieces and finding easy ways to make them at home.

Yes, this pattern did require using knits.  But I had ABSOLUTELY no problem with them.  Knits have a bad reputation for being hard to work with, but if you buy quality fabric and take your time (and actually use pins...), they can be as easy as quilting weights.

I made the size medium with a cropped length because I love cropped knit pants to run in.  Meaning I like my pants tight and fitted close when I’m running.  I was right on the borderline of a medium/large (which is the case usually.  I run between a 10 and 12) so I made the mediums this time. 

And the fit is great.  If was wearing these for comfort and lounging, I’d probably make the large, but the medium fits really well.

The directions were incredibly clear.  There are only like six steps once you’ve got your fabrics and pattern cut out.  And, because it’s an e-pattern you print out your pattern pieces and tape them together meaning you can make as many size alterations or cuts as you want because if you want another size you can just reprint it.

I bought this knit at JoAnn last week and I’d say It’s a medium-weight.  I meant to write down what it was for y’all but totally forgot.  I THINK it was a poly/rayon/spandex blend but that could have been the black I was looking at instead of this gray…

This pattern comes in XS-XL and there are actually 4 hem-lengths to choose from.  Jenny really thought this one out.  Next time I think I will make the large in a black, but when I was at JoAnn I found this cool abstract zebra print that I’m thinking I should definitely get too…haha!  When I told Chris that he laughed and said “Only at home!” 

So, while I don’t work for Jenny and I’m getting no reward (other than the pattern and that was simply for trying it out for mistakes for her) for sharing it with y’all, I would definitely recommend it.  Definitely.  You will LOVE it!  Now, get over any fear of knits you had quickly because this pattern will be out soon! 

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  1. Only at home, huh? Your pants look great and I'm really impressed! Is the pink the waistband or is that your shirt? I definitely think I need to try this pattern!

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