Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ready for bed

**The winner of the fall skirt giveaway has been chosen and it's Needle and Nest!  I've emailed you to get sizing information.**

I mentioned yesterday that I’d been pattern testing for Jenny  again.  Well, I actually tested out 2 patterns this weekend for her.  The girl is on a roll!

Sunday afternoon I tested her newest pattern—the Sadie Grace Nightgown.  It’s a basic peasant-style nightgown with long sleeves.  The pattern called for any woven or flannel fabric, but I think it would be super comfy in a knit as well.

I went through my stash to see what I had that was at least a yard and a half long.  I often buy smaller pieces since most of my sewing is quilting, so I wasn’t sure what I’d find.  But, lo and behold I came up with a lavender damask print I’d bought for an Easter dress a few years back.  So a nightgown it became…  ;)

This pattern, like all of Jenny’s, is written for a beginning sewer/sewist/person with a sewing machine.  The directions are simple and clear.  The steps are minimal.  And it never takes long to get from an idea to a finished product.

She included directions in this pattern for both a bias binding neckline and simple directions for a fold-over hem along the neckline.  I went for the binding obviously.  To me, its actually easier and it adds such a nice touch. 

I wasn’t sure how this one would fit Emma or if she would really like it.  I mean, half the time she thinks she’s fully grown anymore, so would a simple nightgown be to “baby” for her?  Plus, she’s a tall 8-year old and 8 is as high as the sizing goes.

She LOVED it!  I don’t know if it’s the color, the fact that I made it for her, the cuteness of the design, or simply that I caught her on a good day with it, but she didn’t want to take it off!  She posed for a few pictures and then wore it for most of the afternoon.  That night she put it right back on at bedtime. 

This is another pattern that I would highly recommend.  Jenny does a great job of making projects seem simple.  I told her I thought this one would be cute with a monogram or holiday appliqué on the center front.  Or, I thought it’d be fun to make a bunch for a sleepover and embroider the girls’ names on them.

I bet this would also be cute to make for a little girl out of one of Daddy’s old t-shirts.  You could just use the shirt to cut your pattern pieces from.  What little girl wouldn’t love that??

Disclaimer—I received no monetary or other benefit for this post.  I did receive the pattern free as payment for testing it for errors in either sizing or directions.  I only wish people were lining up to give me free fabrics, patterns, or other monetary benefits!


  1. So cute--Grammy loves that model! :)

  2. You really were on a roll! The night gown is very cute and I love Emma's poses!

  3. So cute. My Emma LOVES wearing nightgowns to bed. It's like a dress. And for someone who's going to be a "princess" when she grows up, sleeping in a dress is quite appropriate.

  4. I'm so excited to have won the skirt! I responded to your email. :)

    This is such a cute night gown - how wonderful that your sweetie loves it so much!

  5. How cute! The nightgown AND the sweet girl! So precious.


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