Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stargazing and dreaming

Hi everyone!  I have been having trouble with blogger for the last week or so...it doesn't seem to want to load, so I took a few days off instead of fighting with it.

The Fall Festival went great last weekend.  Thanks for all of the well wishes.  I think everyone left happy and that is what's most important.  There were many painted faces, laughing children, teachers dunked in the dunk tank, candies given out, and money made for the classrooms.

Sunday we took the kids to a nearby corn maze with my sister and brother-in-law.  The kids loved it!  For us adults, it can be somewhat hard to enjoy Fall Fun like that when you have sweat rolling down your back and you're dying for a cold drink, but when there are 8 feet of snow up north and I'm wearing a light sweatshirt I will remember that all is right in the world.  ;)

As for sewing projects...I'm finishing up my do.Good stitches top...just have the big navy sections left to sew on (pics tomorrow...) and I'm busy cutting and dreaming of my next quilt.

A few years ago, I decided to make Emma a full-sized quilt for her bed out of Erin McMorris' Weekends line.  Em and I went back and forth on design.  I wanted to make sure she liked the quilt as it was going to be covering her bed (hopefully for some time) but I wanted something that appealed to me and my design aesthetics as well.

In the end, I put the project on the back burner for awhile.  And the time has finally come to get it done.  November is my month in my Modern Blocks Block Swap Bee to host.  And I'm asking the girls to make blocks for Emma's quilt.  :)  I figured it was the perfect way to get a jump start on making it, because once the  blocks start rolling in, I'll want to work on it and I'll have a head start!

Emma and I are still in love with the Weekends fabrics.  She'd forgotten all about them and was so taken with them yesterday afternoon that it made my heart smile.

As far block design, she agreed with me that Stargazing by Angela Pingel would be lovely.  (Found in the book Modern Blocks)  Here's a sample of a finished Stargazing quilt top that I found on flickr...

stargazing quilt top
via Greenleaf Goods
BUT...I am making a full-sized version, so I am going to add in some 12" blocks that are just one big wonky star as well as some sections with just the little or medium-sized stars.  And maybe just for fun, I'll throw in a few Ring of Stars blocks as well:
Emma seemed overjoyed with the possibilities and I have to admit, this is something that is right up my alley. Stars are some of my most favorite blocks!!

So today I am busy cutting everything out to get it ready to send off to my fellow bee members.  I was thinking I'd go with a white background because I have enough of it...but I'd love to go with a little more color...what do you think?  Light gray?  Khaki?  Or something totally wild like turquoise or a dark plum?  What do you think??  Here's a link to Free Spirit's web site where you can see all of the colors I'm working with.


  1. I think not having the full "fall" experience is one of the few things I wouldn't enjoy about living down there. That was one of the great things about TN, you still get all the seasons but you're also still in the south!

    Emma's quilt is going to be fabulous! The mixture of all the stars is such a fun idea. And Weekends is a great girly but not too little-girly line if that makes any sense. I like your idea of a wild background. Plum or turquoise would be fun! White would look really good, too. Those prints have a lot of pretty colors in them, so whatever you choose will turn out beautiful!

  2. Lovely Weekends fabric! I'd probably use white OR Ash maybe!


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