Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of WIP Wednesday.  Today I've been wavering between hard at work and hardly wanting to work...but I'm pulling through with a few projects...

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been working on my do. Good stitches quilt for our Empower group and I'm getting there!  I LOVE how the addition of the navy and green make the framed patchwork blocks pop!  All I have left to do is to add the big navy sections on the right and bottom. I'm not sure I want to.  Help!!

My original plan was to add a 12 inch strip to both the bottom and side of this quilt to add to the dimensions and to the "weight" of the quilt, but I only have enough navy left over for 8.5 inch strips and I'm just not sure that's going to work...  Plus, I'm not sure the quilt needs it visually...What do y'all think?  If I don't add the big strips, I think I might add another border all the way around in navy just to widen it a bit and add the navy back in.  Suggestions??
This was my original design...but imagine the blue sections smaller (like 8 inches instead of 12)  Yes? No?  

I've also been working on my bee blocks for the month.

Shannon asked for Converging Corners in this color palette.

PresentTones610 by Hello, my name is Quilt

I've got one done and one with strips cut out, so that shouldn't take much longer...  Apparently I need to do some fabric re-stashing because I was woefully low on icy blues and olive greens this time.  That makes some fabric purchases necessary, don't you think??

And for my Nubees blocks this month, I'm going to try out some paper piecing with Lee's Cartwheel Blocks.  (She's got the pattern offered for free right now!!)  I like pp every now and then because it's simple to just follow the directions and have amazing results!  So far, I've got the fabrics picked, now to start whipping them out.  Here's my fabric stacks for now:

Finally--I'm still working on cutting pieces to send off my Weekends fabric for Emma's quilt next month in my Modern Blocks Block Swap Bee.  I think I'm going to go with Kona Ash for the background because I have a bunch of it and because Em's room is already pretty busy with the paint job in there so maybe a light solid would be a little more restful.  I'll have to take a picture to show you later this week.

Don't forget to stop by Lee's and check out what she and everybody else are working on too, you're bound to find your "next project" there, my to-do list just never seems to get smaller...  ;)


  1. Looks like you'll be busy for the next few weeks! I think just a border around the quilt would look good =D

  2. I don't think it needs more, but it would be interesting with the addition of the blue. Have you tried to just lay it out on top of the blue to see if you like it?

  3. Love your WIP - and love love love the colour palette! Thnaks for visiting my blog, I will check out your progress too!

  4. I really like your original design for the WIP quilt - I think the navy really makes the patchwork blocks pop. Even if you can't stick with the starting plan, I think more navy would make this quilt - as gorgeous as it is now, I think the navy would give it a boost. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I like the navy strip on 2 sides of your quilt. I think there is a trend in quilting right now of not centering a design and it is something that I want to try too.

    Good luck :)


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