Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thursday Ramblings

**Don't forget the skirt giveaway is still going with only a few entries.  It's open till Monday, October 8.**

Gotta love a Random Thursday, huh?  It's not quite the weekend, there's no big news, but I still wanted to share some things with y'all...

1.  I'm making progress on my do. Good Stitches quilt.  I've got all of the rows sewn together and the sashing strips cut.  Only 32 more steps to go...  ;)

2.  I've got my knits washed, dried and cut for my yoga pants.  I can't wait to get these made, because if the pattern fits good, I'm redoing my whole wardrobe--yoga pants for every day!  Who's with me??

3.  I am very interested in seeing what Jennifer does with her Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along.  Monochromatic improv log cabins???  I'll be following along...

4.  My sewing room looks like a fabric monster threw up in is even too much for me.  I wonder if I could hire a little elf to come and clean it for me each night...I wonder what the going rate for a cleaning elf is...and if he'd do the rest of the house too...

5.  I am stalling on making those 30 mini-aprons for the Fall Festival next Friday because I really don't want to deal with it.  Wonder if cleaning elves sew things for you too...

6.  I am stalling on doing my yoga for the day because I just ate a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup and it was so awesome that I'm full and want to lay down and watch TV instead.

7.  Next month I am in charge of both my bee and my do. Good stitches group again and I haven't narrowed down any choices for either one.  I've got ideas for both, but nothing narrowed down.

8.  Oren wants to be a ghost for Halloween and it's so easy I almost said no.  What is wrong with me?  I bought Emma's costume.  I HATE buying costumes, but after the rockstar fiasco, I have found it's easier to let her buy one at the store than fight over a costume that will be worn for an hour.

9.  I met this old woman in JoAnn fabrics yesterday that had a mouth like a sailor, I mean really.  I think my face was red from blushing over if anyone else could hear our conversation.  When I told her that I liked to sew quilts over clothing because "Quilts are flat and don't have to fit anyone," she started laughing and then later said it.  I have a feeling it's going to be her new quote.  She'll probably get famous for it...

10.  While at JoAnn's yesterday I found that they are STILL out of the basic solid that I need like maybe 1/2 a yard of to finish my sister's Christmas present from last year!!!  I am very frustrated but after telling Chris about it, he offered a so-simple I hadn't thought of it solution that I think is what I'm going to go with instead.

11.  I am learning as I get older that I care less and less about being popular and more and more about being me and standing up for what "me" thinks.  I sometimes think about closing down my fb page because I get so tired of listening to people whine about their current situation without ever taking a look in the mirror.

12.  And that is one reason I love this blogging community so much.  For the most part, people here in this virtual world are kind and considerate of others.  There is so much sharing and encouragement that we log off feeling better about ourselves than before we logged on.  Or I usually do anyway...

13.  I think I need a lifestyle coach to come in and keep me on track.  There would be much less stalling that way...

Okay, I'm off to do the yoga before I go and pick the kids up, come home to do homework and chores before heading back to town for ballet.  Emma's ballet, not mine.  I don't think me in a leotard trying to be graceful is going to happen anytime soon.  I'll probably get those darn aprons made before that... haha

Hope your Thursday is going well and there is much less stalling on your end.  If you have extra motivation--please send it my way!


  1. I would totally live in yoga pants if given the opportunity. It never occurred to me to try to make them-stretchy knits scare me! I'll be curious what you think about it. And send that elf my way when your done with him, k??

  2. Haha! It must have been a random kind of week. These type of posts were popular. I did it last night too. :o)
    As for the bowl of soup making you want to lay on the couch, I feel that way EVERY time I eat. It's a wonder I ever get anything done.
    I hear ya on the FB crap. Seriously.


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