Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I am knee deep in mini-aprons for our Fall Festival this Friday night.  As PTO co-chair and the only one who sews, I got elected to whip up as many aprons as I could.  PTO runs the festival as a fundraiser for the grade levels at our school.  People buy tickets from us that they use at the festival booths.  We use the aprons for the teachers to keep their tickets in during the festival and then they turn those tickets into us to receive payment.

So…the aprons need to be sturdy and easy to use, but apparently not overly attractive. haha  My co-chair pal found this cheap and strong denim at Walmart and bought the rest of the bolt for me to use.  She priced out pre-made aprons in town and they were ridiculously expensive for something we use for 3 hours once a year.

We needed between 25-50 aprons (some of the booths like to have 2 aprons) this year and had a total of 22 left over from last year.  So…I’m compromising and working on 12.  J

Yes, all of the binding strips are different because I went back and bought Walmart out of them basically--some are dark denim, some are light denim and some are navy and a cornflower blue polyester...

I’ve got 7 done and have 5 almost done.  I want to give up and call it a day…but I am pressing on with a quick break to blog. 

Wish me luck!

And don’t forget to head over to Lee’s to see what fun projects other people are working on.  It’s not all drudgery elsewhere.  ;)


  1. Good luck with those aprons! I love your new blog look =D

  2. well, 12 is a lot better than 35! They really don't look that bad, but I'm sure they're boring to make! The festival sounds fun, though!

  3. Finally seeing your post several days after the fact, so hope things are going well with your project!

  4. Oh...I feel your pain on the PTO and only one that can sew...WAAAAH!!!!


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