Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy Working...

I'm alive and well...I'm just busy getting everything ready for a certain little boy that I love to be Mr. Little Homecoming King.  The parade is tomorrow and the game is Friday night.

My Silhouette cutter has been busy making letters for signs for the parade.  My wallet has been busy buying paper, posters, magnets, and candy for Oren and his little friend Ella to throw during the parade.

My car has been busy driving back and forth to the big city to get the paper for the letters and to pick up Oren's tux this afternoon...oh, but it was too small.  WHAT?!?  I drove 45 minutes after school to pick up his tux only to find that the shirt AND jacket were too small.  And the girl tried to tell me I hadn't ordered shoes and that she'd do my best to find me some and charge me extra all with a simpering smile on her face.  Then I explained for the 3rd time that we weren't in a wedding so she didn't need to look up if the party had ordered them because I HAD ordered the shoes, and that I distinctly remembered trying them on him, so I know he should have some.  Luckily the guy who'd helped me order the tux knew where my shoes were and told me not to mind her.  So...the tux will be ready for pickup tomorrow, and I'll be driving back over there tomorrow evening after the parade.

BUT...that slightly sour note will not ruin the excitement I have in seeing this kid I love sport that tux across that football field.  Or watching him sit in the back of a pickup truck (what can I say, we live in a rural, small town!) and throw candy to friends and people cheering as we ride down Main Street.  And that he gets to do it all with a close family friend makes it all that much more special.

We had a practice walk-through today, so I checked Oren and Ella out of kindergarten to go over to the high school.  They looked so small, and honestly, I teared up watching them.  To think, before I blink twice they'll be doing this as high schoolers makes me both proud and sad.

So....enough rambling.  I have been busy working, just not on much I can show right now.  Pictures will follow this weekend of all of it and I promise, next week, it's back to our regularly scheduled quilting/crafty programming!


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend! :o) They grow too fast!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of your little King! Glad you got the tux situation straight. What a pain! Have fun this weekend!


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