Monday, October 31, 2011

A very Spooky Birthday

Today isn't just about tricking and treating.  In our house, it's all about the Dad-Man.   Today is Chris' birthday! just happens to be his 40th birthday. Chris loves to give, but hates when people give to him.  He hates being the center of attention, so there will be no big parties.  He wouldn't even let me mention it on facebook today.  And he was so happy that no one at school announced it.

Beach--Summer 2011

I love this man that I get to call my best friend and my love.  He is kind, giving, and loyal.  He is quiet, but humorous.  He'll work you under the table and then claim his successes were all luck and God's Grace.

On the combine, Fall 2010

He is a great Daddy, playing games, reading books, and coaching a mean t-ball game.  He'll swim an afternoon away with the kids when I don't want to get in and get my hair wet...even when he'd rather be at his barn building something.

Homecoming--Fall 2010

He's an avid woodworker, and quite good if I'm being honest.  But he'd rather give his hard work away than ever charge someone for it.

Please excuse this one being sideways...darn Blogger...Christmas 2010

He listens when I talk and makes mental notes about what to buy me for my next birthday or Christmas even when he doesn't care about or even know what I'm talking about.  He's surprised me with a DSLR camera, my Silhouette and my sewing machine.

Summer 2011

He is a great cook and spoils us rotten with pancakes, grilled nutella sandwiches, and the BEST caramel sauce, as well as his famous biscuits and gravy, jerk pork tenderloin or his barbecue.  And don't let me forget to mention his clam chowder which people make requests for as soon as the thermometer goes below 75.

Beach, Summer 2011

I am so lucky to have a partner in life that loves me and takes great care of me and our family.  He works hard and encourages me to follow my dreams.  He overlooks my messiness and forgetfulness (most of the time...).  He is creative in his own way and although our creative mediums are different (wood or fabric), his vision inspires me to find my own.

Summer 2011 (wearing a Dollar Store T-shirt I'd cut off for a craft project)

Happy Birthday, Chris!!  May the next 40 years be filled with even more happiness, love, and good times.  I am so glad to share my life with you.  I love you!

Homecoming--Fall 2011


  1. sweeeet. Sounds like you both are very blessed!

  2. We're both living under the same roof as a Scorpio, eh? Well happy birthday to the dad at your house too!

  3. So sweet! I agree with Debbie...Many blessings at your house! Chris sounds like an amazing guy and I'm glad you have such a wonderful partner and your kids have such a wonderful dad!

  4. Happy Birthday, Chris!! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Such a lovely post - happy birthday Chris!

  6. What a sweet and endearing post about Chris! He seems like a great cook, awesome, involved Daddy and the love of your life! Happy Birthday to him!

  7. he looks like he is a great dad from the photos.


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