Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Little King

Do you see this kid here?

 I really, really love him.  I am a very proud Momma all of the time, but the past few days my heart has almost burst with pride and joy.  And it's not because he got the special honor of being chosen to be the Little King at Homecoming this year.  I mean, I am very happy for that honor, I'm not gonna lie.  But, what makes me proud is the special boy my son is.

Oren is one of the happiest people I've ever met.  Don't get me wrong, he gets upset, nervous, grouchy, like the rest of us.  But his ratio of happiness compared to all other emotions is incredibly high.  He lets things just roll off his back and is so confident in himself and who he is, that most of the time, it never occurs to him that he should be anything but happy.

I made 2 signs with my Silhouette.  I actually liked the other one better, but didn't get any pics of it.  It looked the same but I inked the edge of each letter with black to make them stand out a little more and I reversed the crown and football.

He is also smart, kind, and very thoughtful.  People tell me all of the time how cute he is, and I firmly believe it's because his joy spreads to others and makes them feel better about themselves just be being around him.

Here he's spreading his joy to Ella by convincing her to wear her candy bucket on her head too!
So, to see him recognized in the parade and the Homecoming Game this weekend, and to see how well he took it all in and never thought about getting nervous just made me so happy.  And seeing him in this little tux...oh my goodness, my eyes were a little watery, that's all I'm saying.

Thursday was the parade.  Oren and Ella rode in the back of a friend's truck on a little bench that Chris built for them and the last quilt that my Great-Grandmother made for me.  They were so thrilled to see their friends and throw HANDFULS of candy at them.  To hear people calling their names and wave and smile.  It was a joy to see their pride and joy.

These two took their job very seriously!  It was a long walk across that field!

We drove back to the big city Thursday evening and got the tux (with everything finally fitting) and seriously, oh my goodness, any guy of any age in a tux is just a magical sight, isn't it?  And yes, I was very glad to pay for the damage waiver fee, because I had serious doubts of this tux surviving Oren for a night!!

Oren's winking at me!  Haha!!

Friday evening we headed to the game.  We got him all dressed up and Chris threw on Oren's new hat.  Love the camo hat with that tux, right?  I promise, he just wore it for a few minutes.  ;)

Our team is not doing so well this year (we're in a bit of a dry spell), so the game wasn't that great to watch, but the halftime that was prime-time entertainment!  After the girls were all announced, Oren and Ella had their big moment.

They slowly walked across the field carrying the crowns and flowers.  Chris took all of the pictures, because he is awesome like that.  I kneeled down on the sideline and waved and smiled for all I was worth at these two precious kids.

 I know before I am ready, my kids will be in high school and I may be ordering a tux for Oren and/or getting a dress and making a hair appointment for Emma.  Life keeps on at a steady pace whether you are ready or not.  I know that I will enjoy every minute of that time as I have in the last two years getting these two ready for their turn as the Littles.

This was one proud Sister last night.  Not one bit of jealousy, only joy to share her special memory of last year with Oren this year.  

I thank God each day for these blessings that I call my children.  I am so blessed to be their Momma and get to enjoy their company.  Oren, I hope you always know how much Momma and Daddy love you and how glad we are for you.  Keep living life like you've got all the answers, kid.  You make us all better for being around you!


  1. Um yeah, TOTALLY adorable!!! How fun. I love when little things make you appreciate everything that much more. It's a good reminder when you're wanting to beat them or lock them in a closet. :o) Good mommy's and daddy's make for good kids, so you should be patting yourselves on the back.

  2. Your son has a lovely face and I totally believe your description of him looking at his snaps. You are so blessed as a mama to have such children. Of course they are blessed to have you too!

  3. What a handsome little guy you have! I'm thinking he'll grow up to be the big homecoming king one day too!

  4. He did so good!! We love him!!

  5. Sweetness! Love those great family times! ;-)

  6. Oh Kelli! I was getting a little misty-eyed just reading this! Oren is adorable and I can only imagine what an awesome little man he is! I really love the camo hat/tux combo and the bucket head shots! And the one with his feet up on the table. It looks like they had a wonderful time! Great parents make great kids!

  7. He's so adorable in his tux, what a sweetie!

  8. Yay for Oren!! What a handsome little man in his tux! All brave walking on that field and smiling...he is precious and what a special time in his life for you to remember!
    Oh and the day we buy our little girl's homecoming dance dresses and tuxes for our boys...we will have to call each other and cry just a little!


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