Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lesson Learned

If you'll remember (or click back to here), I finished up my first month of do. Good Stitches blocks a week or so ago.  Well, when I was getting everything ready to go to the post office last week, I took a second to measure my blocks and guess what...not even remotely square or 12.5 inches square like Ronit asked for.  WHAT?  I mean, if this was a quilt for me, I'd have fudged it with some creative sashing and called it a day.

But...these blocks weren't for me, they're for someone else.  And they're also going to have to be sewn together by someone else into a quilt.  AND, this is the first month and I don't want everyone (okay, well really just the quilter this month) thinking that I can't sew a lick.  So, I tried to take the blocks apart and resew them more carefully.

Tried...  I said tried...  Because with every seam I ripped out came a new problem.  Something didn't go back together right, or I sewed it backwards, or I sewed it backwards twice.  Or...well, you get the idea.  If it could happen, it did.  Luckily, I didn't have a single machine error like with my quilt.  Thank the Good Lord above or I'd now be sewing machine-less and paying a window guy to come replace the windows in my sewing room.

But anyway...I made an executive decision.  START OVER.  So I did.  Luckily, I'd kept all of my color choices out to make a pillow or something for myself since I loved the color combination so much.  I cut all new squares and started from scratch.  Good practice, I told myself.  And besides, the whole point of this is to share my love with someone else.  I can't go off sending unintentional wonky love now can I?  I mean, if the point was to be wonky, than I'd have been all set.  But in this case, straight-edged love was required.

So...here are my new October do. Good Stitches blocks.

I still love this block and enjoyed making new ones.  It makes my heart happy to know that some girl who needs encouragement and love will stay warm and comforted by the hands of women who care about her.  And I feel blessed that I get to be one of those women.

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. awwww. Sweet post. Bummer you had to redo, but sometimes that's just how it is. Good for you - they look great!

  2. Ugh, I know exactly where you are coming from!! I'm sorry you had to go through that whole heart-dropping-experience of 'OMG, my blocks are not the right size and I don't want anyone to think I can't sew right!' Your blocks do look super pretty though!

  3. Sorry you had to redo them but they look great - well worth persevering!

  4. Your blocks ended up looking lovely! Yay for trying again! :)


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