Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm in Love (with my quilt blocks!)

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FINALLY!  I finished up my 2 blocks for the first month of do. Good Stitches.  I mentioned the other day that Ronit requested we each make 2 of this awesome block in a fall color scheme.

Love in a Mist quilt block by sonnetofthemoon
via here

I chose these fabrics:

 And turned them into these beauties!!

This is before trimming as you can see some edges are uneven and there are threads hanging.  I couldn't wait to take them outside to photograph!

  She said she wanted scrappy and it would be cool if any of us wanted to do a reverse or a solid color or anything just a little bit different.  I took the challenge and made one like the original and made one in a reverse color scheme.  I severely doubted myself throughout the process, especially with the reverse.  There's so many little triangles it's hard to see the final product while you're making it.  But that is one reason I signed up with this group.  I wanted to challenge myself and try new things.  So I kept plugging.

But in the end....I LOVE them both!  This is a color scheme I would never have chosen for myself.  I've said it before--I love everything about fall, colors included, but they're not the colors I gravitate towards.  That said, I want to use my scraps to make a new pillow for my couch I love them so much.

I'm excited to see everyone's blocks and the final quilt.  Month 1 down...I can't wait to see what's next!

P.S.  Do you notice any errors in the two blocks above?  Because after I photographed them, I did!  The square second from the right in the top row on BOTH blocks is upside down!  Duh.  How did I miss that on both blocks!  haha  Oh well, a little time with a seam ripper never hurt me before...

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  1. Those blocks look great and I love that colour scheme! I have to say I didn't notice the upside down bits until you mentioned it!! Congratulations on being over 100 ;)

  2. Gosh your blocks look fantastic! Fall colors are my favorites, I think. I had to keep looking at those corners a few times before I saw the mistakes. Congratulations on topping 100!!

  3. Great blocks (and thank goodness the mistakes were easy to fix - not so fun when they're in the centre of a block!) - I love the colours you've chosen!


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