Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 of Hearts

I finished up both of my heart blocks this weekend.  Well, I finished up the second one Monday afternoon, but since it was a 3-day weekend, I'm counting it.  ;-)

For my first block, I chose an applique design based on this beautiful doll quilt I found on pinterest.

DQS 10
source:  Cathy Gaubert for DQS 10
Here's mine.  I left out the embroidery, of course.  I chose to just lay the hearts down and do a quick zig-zag over them.  I think they'll stay just fine and if they ruffle up a little around the edges, I don't mind.  I just printed out a couple of hearts in different sizes from Microsoft Word and free-handed the others. I drew them on the back of the fabric and just pinned them down.  No fusible web (and I couldn't find my glue stick).

heart block 1

For my second block, I'd wanted to use paper-piecing, but so many of the girls did, and they did such a good job, I decided to go with patchwork instead.  I pulled up my pinterest quilts board and saw this beauty that I pinned a long while back.

4 of Hearts Block- Pieced Together VQBee Block for Samantha
source:  Twin Fibers--4 of Hearts Block Tutorial
So, I followed Jessica's tutorial, except, I used all of the same fabric for each heart.  I felt like it made the design read a little easier.

heart block 2

And that's my two blocks.  I'm happy with them.  Actually, I'm inspired to whip something up for Valentine's Day for our house now.  Both of these designs were quick, although the applique was SOOOOO much quicker, that I might just do that.

heart blocks

Now that all of the blocks for this quilt are ready, I am going to spend some time this week laying them out, playing and deciding on a sashing fabric.  I asked Chris what he thought and he suggested purple because "Red and purple go together, you know like the old ladies wear in that hat society."  But I was thinking black.  We'll see.  I'll lay it all out and audition both colors just to be fair.  ;-)


  1. haha - yeah, audition colors just to be fair. haha. Cute blocks, Kelli!

  2. I can't wait to hear how the audition went...did purple even turn up?! Love the blocks!

  3. Ohhh, I love the hearts! Those colors are the same ones that have been stalking me since I started thinking about what to do in the Baby's room. I ended up not doing them though, 'cause I thought it might be too girly - which is fine if it's a girl. Not so much for a boy. One day I WILL have a room done in all those colors. Maybe my 'someday' craft room. Ya know, when the kids are in college. :o)
    Super cute. Four thumbs up.

  4. I love love LOVE your applique block! I'm intimidated by applique because it looks so hard, but you have inspired me to give it a try. The quilt is looking great!

  5. Your blocks look great, Kelli! That is going to be a very fun quilt when it is finished. And isn't it funny the things guys come up with?

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  7. I, too am interested in hearing about the audition. ;) I think that black will look amazing! I am really getting into dark sashing/backgrounds right now.

    I also wanted to stop by and say thanks for a fun challenge last month!!

  8. I love the different sized hearts. That quilt is going to be so pretty!


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