Friday, January 27, 2012

Finished it Friday!!

Yay!!!  Who doesn't love finishes?  I know I do.  It makes all of those WIP's seem less daunting!

Today I have 3 finishes, and crazy enough, they're all clothing.  Well, clothing is that much quicker and all 3 of the projects had a deadline, so...  But still, a finish is a finish and I'm happy to share them!

This week was Literacy Week at school and the kids came home Monday with a paper saying Wednesday was Character Dress Up Day.  Emma was very worried about what to be.  Her favorite books right now are Nancy Drew (I know, she's 7!), but Nancy's kinda hard to dress up as and be recognizable, you know?  So Tuesday afternoon she decided to be a Rainbow Fairy from the popular series by Scholastic.  She went to ballet with Daddy and I looked at all of her fairy books and what I had to work with and found a red linen skirt of mine that I'd put in the refashion pile.  So, Ruby the Red Fairy it was.  Here's what Ruby looks like:

Ruby the Red Fairy [Book]

 And here's our version:

I fitted the skirt to Em and then sewed a new side seam.  Then I took the discarded edge and used the bottom ruffle to make ruffled straps for her shoulders and the ties from her shoes.  She already had the red sparkly shoes (thank Goodness!!) and we used scrapbook flowers stuck to a headband for her hair.  Since her hair is to short to braid, we just pulled it into a side pony and stuck a flower clip in.  These pics are after school and a trip to the big city, so imagine it looking a little more pulled together in the morning!  ;)

And Oren was a cowboy.  It was the best I could do with little notice.  He was happy as long as he got to wear the bandana.  And he outgrew his cowboy hat, so...

Yes, that is a container with sand in it for a was closest when I asked him to pose!

Then, I got one of the 4 baby gifts I'm working on done!  My friend had her 3rd right before Christmas while I was on vacation, so I whipped up this little dress for her today.  It's from the free tutorial at Sew Much Ado for an Infant Peasant Dress.  I have a pattern for peasant dresses already, but the smallest it goes is 6 months, so this was perfect!  The pattern was easy to follow and so cute!

I used an old denim dress for fabric and embroidered this little design to the front.  I love how it came out and can't wait to see sweet Kennedy in it!  Honestly, I immediately wanted to make one for Emma too.  Maybe I should make a matching one for Kennedy's big sister.  She's Emma's age...  Hmmmmm.....

Finally, I whipped up this cute and simple shrug from my friend Jenny's new pattern.  I went for a very simple gray knit this time around since it's already warming up here and I didn't want anything too heavy, but I think this pattern would be great in a pretty sweater knit, cordoroy, or even a faux fur!  The directions couldn't be simpler and I was done in less than an hour from start to finish.  I did choose to bunch up the "neckline" to give it a collared effect.  That's the only change I made to it.  I plan to add a big flower to one shoulder, but I didn't get it made just yet...  That can be a finish for next week, I guess!

So, I've still got quilts in progress, but at least I can cross one baby gift off of the list and I made my sweet girl happy with a fairy costume this week.  Isn't sewing great?  Have a great weekend, everybody!!


  1. How cute is that red fairy outfit?! On Wednesday, I was at the bookstore looking for books for my daughter and I saw the Rainbow Magic series. I'd never heard of it before, but I see that your daughter obviously loves them!

  2. You've got gorgeous kids! And I love your shrug!

  3. Your kids are so cute! Great job on Emma's fairy costume and little boys in Wranglers are the best! That baby dress is adorable, too. Makes me want to have a girl...

  4. WOW, Kelli!! You have done so much this week! I LOVE Emma's Ruby the Red Fairy costume! She must have felt pretty magical walking into school that day and Oren, he is one ADORABLE cowboy!! The embroidery on that baby peasant dress is so sweet and I love the trim on the hem you used. Very creative and just that simple pop of color makes it so boutique like!
    Your shrug looks awesome and SO cozy!! What a great choice of fabric and I love the collar effect you chose to add. LOVE IT!
    Thanks for testing it for met!!


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