Friday, January 20, 2012

A little bling makes it all better

If you have a young daughter/niece/granddaughter/etc. you may have heard of a clothing store called Justice.  It used to be The Limited Too, but they've changed the name.  Well, all of Emma's little friends (and Emma) are obsessed with the clothes (and tables and table of junk) in there.  Most of us Moms are obsessed with avoiding the price tags in there.  Ouch!  But, we do get their catalogs and I usually ask Emma to go through and circle what she likes.

Anyway, a while back they had these jeans for $49!!!!!  They're now on sale for $44.  WHAT?

Found here

I looked at them and thought to myself "Oh, I can do rhinestones!"  So, one day a few weeks back when I was home alone, I got to work.  I found a pair of Emma's skinny jeans (not so skinny on little Miss Skinny Minnie) and busted out my iron-on rhinestone collection.  I am a sucker for supplies like these at Walmart and then they just sit and look sad at me from the shelf.  No longer I say!

I just started laying out the rhinestones in a somewhat symmetrical design so that I wouldn't end up with a big group on one leg and none on the other and when I got them all laid out like I liked, I waited till Emma got home to make sure she did too.  I have learned my lesson the hard way about making things for that child that she does not have approval on.  They hang in the closet until they're too small for her...

Once I had the go-ahead, I got my iron piping hot and ironed those babies down.  Let me just mention that cheap rhinestones don't always stick even when you follow the directions.  So, I ironed, re-ironed, let it all cool and the ironed those bad boys again!  You're supposed to turn the garment inside-out and then iron from the inside, but I mean these are size 7 skinny I just turned them over and ironed them down from the back.

I chose to only put rhinestones on the front of the jeans.  I figured they'd just be popping off of the back when she was sitting or leaning against things.  And I didn't do quite the same design as the original because I couldn't find the catalog and figured it didn't matter enough to take the time to find it in Em's room!

She's worn them quite a few times now and they've been through the wash with minimal loss of rhinestones.  Plus, the rhinestones are so cheap, it's no big deal to just iron a few new ones on if necessary.

I love this usually serious, but sometimes very silly girl!   Please excuse that it's slightly out of focus, I had to use it!
Sometimes those simple projects are all it takes to put a smile on someone's face.  Here's to more simple smiles and quick successes!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!

And p.s.  I'm linking this up with Brandy's Get Your Brag On linky party.  I haven't linked up a project in a long, long time (other than WIP Wednesday) and thought it might be fun!



  1. We love that girl!! They look great. :) Do you want to borrow my "bedazzler" next time? ;)

  2. Adorable!! She looks so pretty, even pulling a silly face! :)

  3. Kelli, What an awesome knock-off! Iron on rhinestones? Where do you get those things? I LOVE THIS!! Emma is precious!

  4. Those are too cute! I'm sure she loves looking fancy! I know my nieces love anything with rhinestones!

    If you're interested, we're hosting our first ever link up party. Please stop by and link up!

  5. What a fun way to embellish her jeans.


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