Monday, January 28, 2013

A Cowl-Neck Top for me

My friend Jenny who must dream of fun, easy, fashions every night has another new pattern coming out that I agreed to test for her.  This one is a cowl-neck top for women.  It's made with a stretchy knit and I had been saving just such a knit for a fun dress, but decided to use some of it here.  I thought about just making this fun top into a dress, but since I'm testing out the pattern, I decided to actually follow it.  ;)

I couldn't believe the simplicity of this pattern.  Jenny's mind works so differently than mine, I'm always amazed how she sees things so simply that seem confusing to me.  Seriously, I had this top done in 45 minutes from printing out the pattern pieces to wearing it and that was with some machine errors when my Viking got in a fight with my stretchy knit.

Seriously--I love the base this pattern gives you.  You could easily lengthen it to a tunic or dress length.  You could alter the shoulder seams to adjust the neckline from cowl to ballet to off-the-shoulder.  You could use a sweater knit for winter weather or a thin silky knit like I did for warmer weather.  You could make it tighter or looser.  You can add a belt or you could use elastic thread at the bottom to smock the waist and hips in tight.

And in a solid color, this top would be great under a cardigan for those in-between weather days.

I was given this pattern to test it for errors and for fit issues, and am in no way compensated to rave about it.  But seriously--if you're wanting to do some fashionable garment sewing, start with Jenny's patterns.  :)


  1. Kelli, do you sleep?! You get so much done! What a cute top. I haven't sewn any garments, but this seems doable:)

  2. Really nice Kelli! I am amazed that you can stand outside in a sleeveless top at this time of year. You must not live in my neck of the woods...

  3. Very cute! I always get the urge to sew clothes when warmer weather hits, too, so maybe if I start now I'll actually get a top or two made by then. I like your idea of using elastic thread at the bottom!

  4. Kelli, I love this top and the fact that it took you less than an hour! Thank you for pattern testing! :) And, yes, I do have to stop my brain from thinking about new patterns sometimes so I can actually do some sewing! :)



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