Friday, January 18, 2013

A cutesy finish

Another quilt top is done!!!  This one, as I mentioned on Wednesday is for a dear friend of mine and her third little bundle of joy.  Little Miss Hayden is a well-loved baby girl already and I wanted to give them something to show our love for her too.

So, I took Holly's Colorblock Pattern and made some adjustments.  I cut the top down from 6 horizontal strips to 5 since that's how many fabrics were in my bundle.  I also cut down the dimensions of the blocks to make the quilt a little smaller.

Then instead of adding another fabric for the vertical strip, I used a solid brown and hand-embroidered Hayden's name to add a personal touch.  I just put a layer of thin batting behind it while embroidering it to give the fabric more weight to hold the stitches.

So this morning when I went to cut away the extra batting--yep, I did it.  I cut right through the brown fabric too.  :(  Like a quarter of an inch away from the E in Elizabeth!  But rather than toss it (since I don't have enough of that brown left over and really didn't want to re-embroider the name anyway!!) I decided to just trim down both sides even and add in some extra brown.  Hopefully it won't be too noticeable.  I did some careful sewing around the E and I don't think it looks too bad.

I am considering doing different fmq stitching in each of the 5 fabric sections but I'm not sure yet.  I may just do an all-over design.  Suggestions??

This was such a quick and easy quilt top to make, I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting a baby quilt quick.  And it was all from stash--so that makes it even better right??

Since I finished this on a Friday, I'm linking up with Amanda Jean and her Finish It Up Friday.


  1. yikes about slicing the brown but seems like it worked out ok! and I like the idea of different fan....maybe 1 pattern in alternating rows and another in the rest? have fun!

  2. Very cute! I'm sure she will love it, especially having her name on it. You are pretty quick with that embroidery, too! I think using a different quilting pattern in each section sounds like a great plan!

  3. What a cute quilt!! I love the strip with her name embroidered - so creative!!

  4. This is a great pattern, isn't it? I used this pattern for my 6 year old and just extended the long strips about 8 more inches to make it just over square. I found this great super-hero directional fabric for the long focus strip and used navy, turquoise and orange for the others. It was so fun to make. I love your fabric choices too. Very pretty!

  5. Amazing quilt, love the embroidery work!

  6. Hi!!! I love your quilt!!! It is so pretty!!!


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