Monday, January 7, 2013


So I'm working on balance, if you'll recall. It's a lifelong work-in-progress, but I am working on it.  This weekend is a perfect example.  I left you Thursday all ready to quilt the one quilt that became two for my sister.

And I got started quilting Friday.  I went for wavy organic lines.  Then I hated it and ripped it out.  So I tried again and I hated it and ripped it out...  So I went for straighter organic lines...  Guess what?!?  I hated it and ripped it out too.

At this point I was running low on matching thread (see, the purple in this quilt has been enough to cause me to go gray!)  so I had to wait till Saturday when I could get more thread to even think about continuing.

But in the meantime I held a brand new baby girl born on NYE.
I played Mancala and got beat by every member of the house.

I ran (poorly, but still...).

And I had a new idea for quilting this first one.  I decided to hand-quilt this one.  My original idea was to combine hand quilting and machine quilting, but I decided I liked the weight of this quilt already and wanted to leave it a little looser.

So I got busy...

I finished up the hand quilting last night with very sore fingers and was ready to bind it this morning and show it off on the blog.

But instead I ran an hour with my favorite 8-yr-old, and partly with my favorite 6-yr-old and our favorite dog.

And remember that new baby I held the other day?  Her big brother who until last week was the baby of the family came over to play for awhile this afternoon.

And I taught a special someone how to knit.  She wants to make something for baby and since she was home with nothing to do since the boys totally ignored her, we had a knitting lesson.

So, it was late this afternoon before I got binding strips cut and sewn on.

I'm debating on machine or hand sewing the binding down.  Maybe I'll have time tomorrow since the kids go back to school.  Ahhh, balance.  Hopefully I'm getting there...

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  1. Isn't ripping out quilting stitches the worst? Yuck. But I'm glad you finally figured out a way that you liked, even if your fingers are sore! I'm sure your sister is worth it! Looks like all your other activities were pretty fun, too. Emma is sure to be a champion knitter in no time! And yeah for NYE babies! I happen to have one of my own.


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