Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Random Thursday

Hello!  It's a cool and wet day around here.  The kind perfect for snuggling under a blanket and reading the day away with a good cup of something hot.  But, I've got some projects I'd like to get done and house that I'd like to get clean before we get to that, so I'm stalling by blogging instead...

Not too much random this week--here goes:

1.  When you trace letters to embroider with a water-soluble pen--make sure it IS water soluble and not air-dry.  Otherwise you'll get halfway through the first name and be out of luck...  Want to know how I know??

2.  It's hard to use your windows as a light box to retrace your disappeared letters when it's cloudy and raining outside...

3.  My friend Debbie is starting a sew-along of her awesome triple zip pouches.  I haven't made one yet, so I'm excited to join in and see what i can do.  I also have a bunch of zippers passed down to me by my Great-Grandma so I'm ready to use them up.  Then I can order some fun colored ones that I've seen all over the interwebs.   The actual sewing starts on January 28--so you've got plenty of time to gather up your supplies and make one too.

A Quilter’s Table

4.  I bought some grapefruit the other day (LOVE!) and want to turn it into a tart.  I've been craving one for awhile now.  Maybe this one...

photo via Southern Living

5.  Tomorrow is Literacy Dress-Up Day at school and I got off lucky.  Emma's class each got a word to dress-up to describe.  She got drowsy!  YES!!!  So, she's wearing her pjs, messy bed-head and some slippers.  The words were a mix of easy and hard to show--cowhand (easy), tropical (easy), mammoth (I can just see us making her a trunk...), foe (spy wear??) and frail (Oren said she should dress up as glass...)  So, I was happy with drowsy.  Oren is supposed to dress as a character from a book.  He chose Ty from Dark Life.  He's a teenager that is a pioneer living on the ocean floor in the future.  Honestly, it's a great book, especially for boys.  But anyway, he chose it on his own and sent me to Walmart to get a black shirt and pants to wear as a divesuit.  Now he wants me to get him black boots and a black watch he can use for his sonar measuring.  I told him we'd convert his Transformers watch...

6.  I think this new Something New Sampler from Craft Buds sounds interesting.  The blocks will all be a 7" x 14" size which should be interesting to say the least. I'm trying to make myself do more non-traditional piecing and this one sounds fun.  There are prizes for participation, no matter how much or how little you participate, so that is great incentive as well.

something new sampler header

Okay, I'm off to retrace those letters and get busy stitching before they disappear again.  ;)

I'll be linking up with Cindy and all of the other awesome random-thinking bloggers.

Live A Colorful Life


  1. Hahaha - the disappearing ink is something I would do. :)
    I've never had a grapefruit tart, but it sounds ah-mazing.

  2. Sorry about the disappearing ink! The literacy dress-up day sounds very intriguing. Hope you take pictures!

  3. Good randomness...thanks for the shout out about the 3ZAL. And honestly I have never heard of a grapefruit tart. hmmm


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