Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday (first of the year)

I’m working hard on finishing up some old WIPs so I can make some new ones!  My hand-quilted beauty is machine-bound and in the dryer as we speak.  I’ll show it off tomorrow or Friday for sure.

I’m basting the second one and THINK I know how I’m going to quilt it.  I’m planning on machine quilting it, but I thought that with the last one—so we’ll see.

I’m also working on bee blocks today.  Nicole started off That Stash Bee right with some Birds in the Air Blocks.  She asked for Caribbean Sea colors and I am only too happy to oblige.  I do love me some aqua.

Next up, Caryn is new to our Rad Empower Group for dGs and she asked for Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks.  Ironically, the scrappytrip craze hit Instagram just a few days before she was set to pick our block, so she wasn’t sure we’d want to make them, but we are all glad to join in the fun.  She picked a great color scheme of some more of my favorite colors.  J

I still have to add in some lime, but I think I'm going to borrow from the previous pile for it...

And lastly today I’m working on some secret blocks.  These fabrics are going to be turned into a special block for a special friend.  I’ll share when I can.  Don’t be too intrigued… 

As for other projects, Oren got a woodworking set with real tools for Christmas meaning he and Daddy have been very busy at the barn since the holiday.  Their first project was a little steamship they made out of cedar that floated quite happily in the kitchen sink.  Next up—a sailboat.  But what’s a sailboat without a sail?  They brought me the boat and a piece of scrap knit Chris keeps at the barn for wiping glue and stain and asked me if I could sew it on.  Sure...

See the poor little sail just waiting on me to make him fly in the breeze?
 So when these quickie projects and the 2 Christmas gifts-from-last-year quilts are done for my sister, I'll only have about 10 things left in the WIP basket.  That's close enough to start something new right??  

I'm linking up with Lee today where Heidi is hosting!  Go check out all the fun!



  1. I just love piles of fabric waiting to be made into something! That is such a cute boat, how clever! :)

  2. I wish I only had 10 things left in my WIP basket. That is great.

  3. I'm super intrigued! :) Your sewing machine is definitely gettin' some mileage..

  4. Those are some pretty stacks of fabric!

  5. I adore the sad little boat! I have to chuckle because my boys think I can sew anything! How fun to do a scrappy dgs block!

  6. Oh pile of fabrics for future projects! Lovely colours"

  7. I Love your sense of color, especially on the first 2 blocks.


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