Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Thursdays

Another Thursday and you know I've always got some randomness up my sleeve...  :)

--I decided yesterday after my post to make Oren's quilt a little harder on myself (WHY???) and do different stars.  Right now I've got it laid out with 20 blocks and only a couple of repeats, but with changing up the fabrics, they should all look different...what do you think?  I haven't cleared it with the boss man yet, but I don't think he'll care as long as it gets done.

The fabrics will differ from what's on here, but I've never tried to figure out how to upload my fabrics into my EQ5...

--I haven't felt too good over the last few days so I decided on a whim to curl my hair today after seeing a pin on pinterest about it.  I'm sitting at my computer with hot rollers in...I'll let you know if it helps lift my mood.

--My race is in a MONTH!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!  I couldn't run at all yesterday due to shin splints (AGAIN!).  I'm going to try and get new insoles this weekend while in Gainesville.  I had planned on doing a full 13.1 mile practice run tomorrow but I don't know if I can with these shins.  We'll see...

--I'm going to the post office today after having bee blocks ready to send out for 2 weeks.  geesh.  If they opened at 8 I'd probably go when I dropped the kids off in the morning but sitting in town for half an hour somehow seems like too much of a burden in the mornings.

--I pinned this recipe this morning and within 10 minutes more than 20 people had repinned it.  Must have made the front page...they sure look good don't they?  I kinda want to make them right now.  Luckily I'm out of both pretzels and caramel bits.

--I get to pick the block next month in our traditional blocks meet modern fabrics bee That Stash Bee.  I've got it narrowed down to a few choices but haven't decided for sure on block or color or purpose of making these blocks...

--I'm working on that secret block I mentioned a few weeks back today.  It seems incredibly simple but involves printing onto fabric and surprisingly  I've never done that.  Fonts are a weakness for me, so it'll probably take me as long to choose fonts and print correctly as it will to construct the block...  I am a sucker for a free font and have WAY TOO many on my computer.  That's why I have a degree in (ag.) communication--words are important to me.  ;)

Okay--I'll leave it there for today.  I still need time to choose fonts, print, sew up these blocks AND take my hot rollers out and comb out the curls...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my silliness.  :)  And don't forget to head over to Cindy's to see everyone else's thoughts for the day and leave her a sweet message because she thinks she has the flu.  :(

Live A Colorful Life


  1. Mmm, those cookies look yummy. Isn't pinterest funny? I notice that too, how it seems like instantly I have a ton of re-pins and I'm not sure why.

  2. How'd the curlers turn out???

  3. Oh those cookies do look yummy. 13 miles? You go, girl!

  4. so sorry, my fav part of your randomness was the hot curlers. I LOVED those back in high school! ;-)

  5. Be careful with your shin splints. I had them last year from about May through August, ie all through our netball season here in Australia. It was incredibly painful, and against all advice I kept playing coz I couldnt let the team down by stepping out and letting them heal. OUCHY! I went to the podiatrist and he said it was due to lack of flexibility in my calves, so I have to make sure to stretch them a lot before I exercise. But, good luck with your run. And can we please see a photo of the curls?

  6. This post had SO many good things in it! Wow those cookies... And I adore fonts but then hardly ever use them. Although I do have a font identifier app on my phone called What the Font. Well maybe I have it because the name amuses me.


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