Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thursdays begin again...

I think Random Thursdays may be my favorite blog posts because they just come so natural to me...'s a brain dump for you of the random stuff I've got going on today:

1.  It's misted rain here all day, so my plan of composting and mulching my "vegetable" bed today were cut short. I put vegetable in quotes because all through the summer until today I managed to come up with 3 tomatoes,  one mini green bell pepper, literally 3 bites of broccoli and a large number of weeds.  Oh, and the bazillion jalapenos our one plant put out.  Apparently I'm only good at growing jalapenos.  Although I wouldn't be surprised if I grow none next year.

2.  This morning I laid out the king-sized sheet to back my sister's 2 quilts with only to realize that one takes most of the sheet so I had to get another sheet today.  This quilt needs to be done and out of my hair...

3.  Emma was glad to see the extra bit of the sheet because she's determined to use my scraps to make a braided rug for her room...

4.  Speaking of scraps, I've got all of mine sorted in color order to sit down with and shape up--meaning cut into manageable sizes (10" squares, charm squares, 2.5" strips, etc.)  But I can't find the motivation to do that.

It might look like a mess, but only to the untrained eye...

5.  I have WAY TOO many scraps and should jump on the scrappy trip around the world that's all over instagram right now but I haven't wanted to cut my scraps and get started.

6.  I'm making progress on my February Lady Sweater and finished up the bodice bit last night during the debacle that was the Sugar Bowl.  I did some angry garter stitch knitting during a disappointing Gator performance.

7.  The kids helped me take down all of the Christmas decorations yesterday and we took 3 garbage bags full of old stuff to the Goodwill dropoff site.  Too bad those were old bags and I've got 2 more out of stuff from their rooms I need to bag up before I begin my annual January purge.  I'm waiting for them to go back to school next week so I can purge alone without begs to keep stuff we don't need.

8.  While in Gainesville yesterday (the big city near us) we stopped at the new Trader Joes.  Chris was less than impressed and I think I prefer Fresh Market, but I did buy some of the Cookie Butter I've heard talk of.  Wow!  It's good.

9. Emma got a kindle for Christmas and I'm wanting to make her a case for it, but I'm waiting to finish up some of my lingering WIPs first--namely my sister's quilt(s).  Plus I'm not sure how I want to make it yet--I'm debating whether to make it for her in purple or for use by her but for me in bright cheery colors I like...

10.  I'm taking a break this year (for now anyway) on some of my bees/block swaps I did last year and it feels weird to not have those commitments over my head already.

11.  We set up the kids' new tent last night in the house.  It's HUGE and the takes up a large portion of the living room.  They slept in it last night.  Santa brought us a big one so that Chris would have room if he has to sleep in the backyard with them.  It gets kinda spooky out there at night even for me, so I wouldn't blame them for needing Daddy...

And I'll stop there before we get too far down the rabbit hole of my mind.  I'm going to start quilting my sister's quilt(s) tomorrow, so I'll be back with some actual sewing content soon...

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  1. Awesome randomness! Yes, I love me a good January purge. We got rid of at least one third of our Christmas stuff. I figure if I haven't used it in at least the last three years, probably won't really miss it. Feels good to purge. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great tent! Have fun with those scraps. It's funny how a certain quilt gets on everyone's minds. The examples I've seen are just so cute! Maybe I'll just pin it until I catch up!

  3. Wonderful randomness! A January purge sounds like a good idea...

  4. Sounds like you and I garden the same way :). And your scrap pile looks beautiful!

  5. I have not heard of this cookie butter! I'm going to have to investigate soon. Good for you for pulling out the scraps to organize! Mine are tucked into the nooks and crannies around my sewing space where they quietly multiply.


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